Week #1: Foot in the Door

It was Monday, January 9th, 2017. I drove eastward from Seattle and made my way through Seattle traffic to the Union Bank building in Bellevue, WA. I got there 9 AM sharp. I was already pretty well acquainted with the way things are situated at the office for I had come a week prior for a brief orientation held by Theresa Beauchene and Brenda Collons–two of my site supervisors. During the orientation, Theresa had warned me about how slow things are going to be for me prior to MLK weekend due the trade show that the team (everyone in the Seattle office except Theresa) had to attend during the first week of my internship. Therefore, coming into my first official day, I knew that the only person that I am going to see in the office that day would just be Theresa.

However, despite of the empty office, my task box was not empty at all. On my first day, I helped Dani Crino–the Social Media manager in the Portland branch–designed social media posts for a company called Masonite, a door company who had just completed a total rebranding of their organization. I also helped her organize a Pinterest account for the North American branch of a company called Accoya. In addition to the task that I was doing for Dani, I also helped Theresa compile quarterly press reports for the team to review with every clients. The remaining days of my first week, I continued to work with Dani Crino on Masonite’s social media. She gave me the honors to design Masonite’s public holiday social media templates. At first I thought it was going to be a relatively easy task, but then I realized that different social media platforms has different formats and sizes of images–and all of a sudden, it got complicated.

Although my first week comprised of seemingly simple tasks, I learnt a lot about the company, it’s structure and in the way that it’s organized. To my surprise, despite identifying themselves as an advertising agency, C-Squared Advertising rarely do creative works for their clients. They tend to focus their energy more on the marketing and PR side of advertising–like getting ad spots for their clients and generating good publicity via case studies and social media. This is very interesting to me because it expanded my horizon and understanding of the advertising world. It made me realize that the word of advertising is malleable and can be very broad. Malleable in the sense that it’s form is time-sensitive and ever-changing like it’s market, and broad in the sense that its services can encapsulate a range of a million different possibilities.

For as long as I can remember, it has always been my dream to work in Advertising, and now, I finally have my foot in the door! If the 15 year old me would have seen me now, I bet she’d never think this day would come. But as I am paving the way into my future career, I think 15 year old me would have been proud, and maybe somewhat jealous that I am experiencing the work that I’ve always dreamt of doing.

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One Response to Week #1: Foot in the Door

  1. seaphotog says:

    great job Sammi – glad it’s going well and thanks for the photo as well. Fun.


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