Week #2: From the Ground Up

Week 2.

This week, it was a full team back in the office. Everyone had stories to tell in light of the IBS (International Builder’s Show–a building convention that is held annually in Orlando) aftermath. The atmosphere changed drastically compared to last week. However, it does not change the fact that there were new tasks for me to do.

The first task of the week that was assigned to me was for me to create a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) to be presented to the clients in a slide-show format that is aimed for easy viewing and simple summaries of what C-Squared Advertising has done for them this quarter. However, due to the fact that they were two quarters behind on their report for their client, Masonite, I was assigned to finish the task as soon as possible. When I was assigned this project, I was glad that I had some basis of knowledge on how to do it and where to find the information that I needed due to the assignment that I was given last week by Theresa.

While working with this project, I was also introduced to a new app that the company use for conference calls. The app is called “Go-TO Meeting.” It helps me communicate with the people in the Portland branch regarding different projects.

Although the projects were tedious and it took a lot of taxing energy, I was glad that more people are trusting me with bigger responsibilities. My first week here felt like an introduction to the industry and this week, I came in with a general understanding of the clients and the work involved. It’s like riding a bike. I am slowly moving myself up into a two-wheel biker.

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