Week #3, Day 1: Planning stages for everything

This monday, I was given a project to complete the February Social Media Editorial Calendar for two of our clients, Nichiha and Accoya.

A Social Media Editorial Calendar is a planning tool that PR companies use to plan out social media posts. The purpose of having a new post on social media everyday is to help strengthen a company’s social media presence. This might seem like a simple task to do, but at this day and age, it is important to engage with our fellow audience and attract new followers. And what better way to gain publicity than to gain an online social presence?

Right off the bat, when this task was assigned to me, I knew that finding content was not an easy task to do. I knew that the challenge behind this project does not lie merely in finding a certain quantity of content, but also in its quality and freshness. What we share in our clients’ social media pages are bound to reflect on the values that the company stands for.

As for my personal experience with this project, I was working under the supervision of the Social Media manager, Dani Crino. My first client, Nichiha, is a fiber cement siding company that seeks to expand their market to the North American region. Therefore, our job is to manage their Public Relations strategy in the North American branch. Hence the content that I have to provide should be relevant to people in Canada and USA that are in the builder’s scene. Dani gave me a brand of criterion as guidelines on how to find the right article to post. Her goal was to have me submit 10 articles for Nichiha by the end of my hours that Monday and 15 for Accoya on Wednesday (01/25). Her criterion was as follows:

  1. Article needs to be dated no longer than Jan 1, 2017
  2. Article needs to be within the scope of the North American region
  3. Article cannot mention any competitor brands
  4. Article needs to be relevant to the product that the company is selling

It was definitely harder than I thought. The one tip that Dani also gave me was to position myself in the eyes of the viewer and rely on my “split-second” instinct—if I am inclined to read the article within the split second that I saw the title, then the article can be deemed interesting. By that criteria, I found approximately 15 articles for Nichiha, and about 5 for Accoya.

When I submitted my articles to Dani, a lot of them did not pass the bar (6 approved for Nichiha, and 1 for Accoya). However, I was glad to know that I was by far the person who has managed to get the most articles approved by Dani within the span of a day’s research. I was proud, but not too proud. Though I’ve done a good enough job thus far, I still have a lot to learn. I guess I’ll have to squeeze in as many lessons as possible in the next 8 weeks that I will be here.

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