Week 3, Day 2: Letting Go

Today marks my third week, interning at C-Squared Advertising. Although it’s only been three weeks, I’ve come to know everyone I work with very well. Not only are they all very easy to talk to, they are also fun, dynamic, and quirky in their own ways. Agency life, as I reckoned, has been fun. It’s filled with very qualified, passionate, and creative people that spends hours on end just for the sake of bridging the communication gap between a client and their respective audience. During the past three weeks, I’ve witnessed every aspect of advertising and PR in its most exciting, raw, “behind the scenes” form. However, today also marks the day when I witnessed the dark-side of agency life.

Karen Hunt, our PR manager, was let go by the agency.

It was a sad day for all of us, but more so for Karen. When Brenda Collons and Heather Crunchie (both founders of C-Squared) briefed us about their tough decision to let her go, it felt like I was awakened from my sleep by a swift splash of cold water. I was shocked to find myself in a rude awakening. This is a part of agency life–the bitter part.

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One Response to Week 3, Day 2: Letting Go

  1. seaphotog says:

    Wow – that’s tough to see, but you’re right – it’s reality. Glad you’re feeling good there and a like the energy of the workplace.


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