Week 3, Day 3: Softwares

Being at a company held in two separate locations, communication is crucial. As far as my time here, I learnt a lot about the different softwares that aids the communication process between clients and our team. I also learnt about softwares that helps create a data analysis system across the different social media platforms that we use. It helps us gauge the amount of traffic that each of our clients are getting in their media outlets.

However, one of the challenges that we are currently facing is the fact that our team is separated by location. Unless we send emails or speak on the phone, progress of a project cannot be seen by everyone. Thus, I talked to my boss, Brenda about a project management tool that I once used called Asana, and suggested for the team to use. Today was the day when I gave my demo piece to both Brenda and Heather about the benefits of using Asana as a project management tool.

To my surprise, they both agreed to give this a try and they made me project manager of the tool. I was overjoyed. I did not think that my input would be that well received. Brenda and Heather then told me to present about it during the weekly staff meeting the following Monday.

Was I overjoyed? I guess you can say that 🙂

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One Response to Week 3, Day 3: Softwares

  1. seaphotog says:

    Absolutely – you might look at Slack as well.


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