Week 4: Getting into motion

Here I am, five weeks to my internship. And at this point, everything is starting to become a nicely planned routine. I know what I am supposed to be doing, and I know my role in the company. But just when I started to think that I have this handled, that’s when I realized that I was terribly wrong. Agency life is nothing but easy. Even for Heather and Brenda, it took them about 20 years to get used to the agency life.

“Agency life is sorta like a chameleon. It changes depending on its environment. As an agency, you have to keep changing, you have to keep evolving, and you have to be adaptable to whatever the circumstances needs you to be.” Brenda tells me.

Speaking of getting into motion, now that I’ve been at C-Squared Advertising for over 5 weeks, I was given the opportunity to try composing my own press release. The press release is dedicated for one of our clients, Kohler. Kohler is one of our contract clients who hired us specifically to handle the publicity of their store openings.

Kohler has two types of stores–Signature and Premier. Brenda wanted me to create press releases for their Signature stores in Dallas, Scottsdale, and Kansas City. However, before I start composing my own press release for Kohler, I have to first compile a media list in order to know what kind of media I should target for the press release. At first, I thought that compiling media lists is a pretty self-explanatory and straightforward job. However, I could not be more wrong. Apparently, finding a specific person to send story pitches to is harder than I thought. But at this point, this was when I was thankful that I was born a millennial–with the inherent ability to cyber stalk people and retract the information that I needed in order to contact them.

When Brenda had realized that I was doing all this through social media (primarily through LinkedIn), immediately, she laughed and shook her head. Then, she apologized for not introducing me to a website called Agility. Agility is an online white pages system for PR companies to get the contact information of media agencies. I was very glad that Brenda introduced this to me. As confident as I am with my cyber stalking skills, Agility was far more efficient and had managed to exponentially speed up the compilation of my media list process.

Though busy, this week had definitely been a week full of learning–as usual.

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