Week 5, Day 1: Snow Day!

In the years that I have lived in Seattle, there had never been a snow day. This was my first. However, despite the fact that most people had to cancel work or school, the C-Squared gang had to keep the gears in motion. So as per usual, we attended our weekly status meeting via Go-To Meeting. We went over what we’ve done the past week and continued to inform each other about the plans that we have for the days to come.

After we’ve done the call, I received another follow up call from Dani Crino. I was expecting a project from her but to my surprise, she was actually giving me some insights in regards to how the Portland branch feels about Asana. She said they were confused and needs further guidance of the website and she feels as though often times, she does not even know why we’re using Asana. I told her that I would be more than happy to set up a meeting with her in order to address some questions that the Portland branch might have about it. She agreed.

Sometime at about 4 PM that day, the Portland branch and I went into a meeting to discuss Asana. I walked them through the app and they agreed on how we should all approach to using Asana on a daily basis. After the meeting, I felt a sigh of relief on my chest because I am glad to have the meeting over with. During the meeting, however, I felt like a failure. I soon realized that I had beaten myself up way too much for not taking over this project more responsibly. But then I guess this was only my first time of leading a project. There is bound to be rough patches here and there.

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