Week 7: We are moving!

This week, our Bellevue office is moving to Downtown Seattle. Right above the Fifth Avenue Theatre. Although this is an exciting time for our company, it also is a very hectic time for us. I came in on Wednesday, expecting to be asked to help putting things in boxes; but to my surprise, the office was all packed and ready to go. The working desks were the only thing remaining in the office for us to use.

As it turns out, Theresa, the “mother” of the office, came in over the weekend to pack the office and to clean everything–spotless. This was one of the things that I admire most about Theresa. Even though she works here part time, she truly acts like C-Squared was her baby. She knew everything that was going on in the office, she knew where every file was kept and how every number came about. She kept us feeling at home, she baked cookies, and allowed us to celebrate Neil Diamond’s birthday during the times when we are all super busy and are drowned in work.

All that to say, this was the week when we all had to pull ourselves by the bootstraps and help pick up the pieces for Brenda and Theresa who was very busy with the Big Move. We were excited. And I, for one, loved the feeling of being helpful. I took on projects for Brenda, I helped our Account Manager, Kelly Collins, with calculating equivalent advertising values, and I helped Andrew, our PR & Communications Manager, gather media outlets. I was on a roll.

But then I looked at the calendar.

A sudden realization hit me. I am only going to be here at C-Squared for another 3 weeks. Boy, have time flown by. C-Squared had been nothing but warm, welcoming, and patient at teaching me the ropes of the world of PR. I was happy, grateful, but not ready to leave this place. Little did I know, C-Squared has managed to make itself a home in my heart, and vice versa.

What a big revelation.

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