Week 8: Work in Progress in the New Office

This is the week! C-Squared had officially moved to the new office. The new office is looking dandy too. Unfortunately, the new office is unfurnished and still needs a lot of things (ie., Wi-Fi, desks, chairs, electricity, etc.) in order for us to start resuming our work. So, Brenda told us all to work from home.

However, lucky for me, I was called to the office to help build tables and chairs for the new office because Brenda and Theresa could use the extra help. So while I was working on Coverage Reports for Kohler from home on Monday, on Wednesday, I came in to the office to build desks and chairs. Here’s a picture to prove it:



On another note, although it was fun to build desks and chairs for the new office, I still had real work that was assigned for me to do by the Social Media manager, Dani Crino. The assignment was to create social media templates for several campaigns that our client, Masonite is doing. There are a total of four templates that I need to be doing–Lame Laundry Upgrade Campaign, Bring Life to Your Home Campaign, Extraordinary Life Campaign, and finally, the Spring Door Contest Campaign. Although these are all fun campaigns to work on for Masonite, frankly speaking, I am having one of the toughest time working on this project under the supervision of Dani Crino. Dani is the type of person who micromanages. She knows how she wants things to be done and strives for perfection in every step. I, on the other hand, tends to have a more creative approach in doing projects. I need my creative space in order for me to thrive. With this clash of approaches, I find it very hard to work on projects for Dani. Especially when I have to revise my designs about 20 times before Dani is happy with it.

However, although I know it’s tough to work with someone that has contrasting views, I know that this is a part of the learning curve. The world is filled with people like her, and I know that the trick is not avoiding to work with people like Dani, but to know how to find a common ground with people like her.

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