RSS Feed Evaluation

Although the bulk of my RSS Feed features architecture and building news, I have found this feature of the internet to be very, very helpful in terms of the work that I do at C2. Prior to this internship, I have never considered RSS Feed to be a helpful tool for me to utilize in finding information. But once I’ve started getting into it, I could not stress the usefulness of this tool.

Especially when the bulk of my work involves finding content to be shared to in our clients’ social media accounts in order to build their online social presence, this tool has accelerated my search for content. I find these feeds important because not only is it relevant to my clients, but also to me, as a PR representative.

Another reason why the RSS Feeds have been helpful for me is because during lunch hours, or any other time that my co-workers and I have conversations about a variety of things, the feeds help me be informed with the things that are happening in the advertising/PR/marketing world. As a result, I was able to keep up with conversations if ever people are talking about things revolving around new strategies or controversial ads.

All in all, I find the RSS Feeds extremely useful. Would definitely keep this tool even after I have graduated from SPU.

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