Week 9, Day 1: First day in the New Office

After a week of working from home, the time has come to finally step into the new office. And to kick off the new office, we celebrated with a glass of mimosas and a whole lot of baked goods. The office felt fresh and people was very much ready to enjoy the cool downtown vibe that this place was able to provide us. Nevertheless, it’s back to grind-time.

As if working on designs for Dani Crino could not be more stressful last week, this week, it continues. Because she is leaving for a conference this Thursday, she has not been easy on me on the designs. However, amidst the stress, I received one particular email that just completely made my week!

IF Sammie gets Drew’s chair together, her last day is next Friday, March 17 and since Sammie has been such a SOUP-er intern, and by putting together Kelly & Drew’s desks, she was a SOUP-er Hero, we’re going to celebrate with SOUP.  (and salad and bread)  Brenda and I are going to make some soup—so put your requests in now.  Chicken Noodle?  Chili?  Taco Soup?  Chicken & Wild Rice?  Tomato Basil?  Irish Stew?  Years of kid sport team dinners means I have a crockpot and a crockpot carry case.  Jealous much?

Also, next Friday my kids are both in town for Spring Break and I’m making them come into the office to see the new space and meet y’all.  Practice saying the following things, “Your mom is so funny.  She makes us laugh every day.”  “You are so lucky to have Theresa as your mom.”  “Isn’t your mom the best?” 

If Kelly’s son is feeling well enough, she might bring him in too.

So it’s a party to celebrate Sammie—just as it should be.

Also, don’t forget to wear green.  Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day and HR has no problem with pinching people who aren’t wearing green.

=), Theresa

I cannot believe that soon enough, my time as an intern will come to a close. It’s amazing to reflect upon how much I’ve learnt in the past 10 weeks that I have been here. I mentioned this in my Personal Review & Evaluation, and I am not afraid to say this again on this post; though I’ve acquired a lot of technical skills in my time at C2, I realized that five  to ten years from now, it is not the application of theories that I am bound to remember. It’s the people, the work environment, and the life values that this place has taught me. I am blessed to get a chance to intern at C2 before I step deeper into my future career in this field. It helps me set ground rules for myself and sift through what truly matters in life. Because at the end of the day, what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?

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