Week 7: We are moving!

This week, our Bellevue office is moving to Downtown Seattle. Right above the Fifth Avenue Theatre. Although this is an exciting time for our company, it also is a very hectic time for us. I came in on Wednesday, expecting to be asked to help putting things in boxes; but to my surprise, the office was all packed and ready to go. The working desks were the only thing remaining in the office for us to use.

As it turns out, Theresa, the “mother” of the office, came in over the weekend to pack the office and to clean everything–spotless. This was one of the things that I admire most about Theresa. Even though she works here part time, she truly acts like C-Squared was her baby. She knew everything that was going on in the office, she knew where every file was kept and how every number came about. She kept us feeling at home, she baked cookies, and allowed us to celebrate Neil Diamond’s birthday during the times when we are all super busy and are drowned in work.

All that to say, this was the week when we all had to pull ourselves by the bootstraps and help pick up the pieces for Brenda and Theresa who was very busy with the Big Move. We were excited. And I, for one, loved the feeling of being helpful. I took on projects for Brenda, I helped our Account Manager, Kelly Collins, with calculating equivalent advertising values, and I helped Andrew, our PR & Communications Manager, gather media outlets. I was on a roll.

But then I looked at the calendar.

A sudden realization hit me. I am only going to be here at C-Squared for another 3 weeks. Boy, have time flown by. C-Squared had been nothing but warm, welcoming, and patient at teaching me the ropes of the world of PR. I was happy, grateful, but not ready to leave this place. Little did I know, C-Squared has managed to make itself a home in my heart, and vice versa.

What a big revelation.

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Week 6.1: Sabrina’s Virtual Baby Shower

On a side note, we had a baby shower for Sabrina, our Account Manager for the Portland branch. And because we are located in two separate offices, we had a virtual baby shower for her! It was so much fun! Here are some pictures of the event:




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Week 6: Research Galore!

It’s official, I am becoming C-Squared’s official Research Specialist. For the six weeks that I have been a part of C-Squared, it seems that most of my responsibilities consists of research and more research–and it seems that people trust me with the responsibility of research, and I’m glad that they do. Especially being in a PR agency, research constitutes about 40% of their work. And so if I can do all of the research for them, I can see how it would save my co-workers a lot of time and effort, and thus spending them on more important matters like finding clients.

Because of the research experience that I’ve accumulated over the course of time that I have been interning at C-Squared, Brenda is starting to trust me with heavier duty research tasks. For this coming week, Brenda has entrusted me with the task of compiling a Year end review for our client, Kohler. From the sound of the project, it did not seem as though this task requires a lot of research, but it does. Right off the bat, Brenda and Heather told me that the whole purpose of the year end review is to show our clients what we have done for them for the past year, and why C-Squared had managed to save them a lot of money based on the surplus of publicity rather than what they would have received had they bought ad spaces from different magazines. This report requires me to look through different media outlets, their media kits, and it also requires me to extract the ad costs based on their circulations and impressions. To add to the challenge of this project, I also learnt that not all media outlets have their media kits readily available for people to see–sometimes acquiring it takes a bit of digging, and other times it takes unanswered phone calls and emails.

I have to admit, this report has taken me the most out of all the other projects that I have received from any of the people at C-Squared. But, as always, I learnt a lot and I know that once I am done with this report, it is bound to feel satisfying.

On another note, still on the topic of the many research work that I have to do for this week, I was also working on a side project for C-Squared’s Account Manager, Kelly Collins. Kelly and Heather are both preparing to come to a Green Movement Conference called the Resnet Conference sometime in April. In order to get the most out of the conference, they need to target specific people who has access to media outlets in order to gain positive publicity for their clients who are attending the conference. Although it sounds simple, as I was trying to find media outlets who are attending Resnet, I had to contact people who actually have the attendee list of the conference. And sure enough, although they did have the attendee list of the conference, they do not have a sorting system that allows me to know who amongst the people who are attending are from the media. Therefore, the only other way to acquire the information was for me to sort the names out myself, as well as find their contact information. From the 500 people who are attending Resnet, 20 of them were from the media. At the end of that day, I was able to find all of their contact information and give them to Kelly. She said it was helpful. I was glad it was.

Although Kelly did not know the amount of effort that I put into acquiring the media list for her in light of the conference, I don’t feel like I needed to show her that. I was happy enough to know that the work I put in was helpful for her and Heather.

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Week 5, Day 2-3: Feeling Small

After not having been the office for a full 4 days, I came in the office that Wednesday with a fresh set of eyes. I wanted to be sure that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing with pride, fervor, and grit. But for whatever reason, this week, no matter how hard I try to keep that positivity in touch, the forces of insecurities reign strong.

All of a sudden, I was given tasks that I was ill equipped to do. I asked a ton of questions, and with the busy time that the company is going through, I felt like I was adding to their stress. Not to mention the fact that I am starting to feel as if I was just an expendable member of the team. However, given that this is my first agency experience, I feel like feeling this way is normal. But still.

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Communication Materials


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MW : 9 AM – 5 PM

Friday: 9 AM – 1 PM

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Week 5, Day 1: Snow Day!

In the years that I have lived in Seattle, there had never been a snow day. This was my first. However, despite the fact that most people had to cancel work or school, the C-Squared gang had to keep the gears in motion. So as per usual, we attended our weekly status meeting via Go-To Meeting. We went over what we’ve done the past week and continued to inform each other about the plans that we have for the days to come.

After we’ve done the call, I received another follow up call from Dani Crino. I was expecting a project from her but to my surprise, she was actually giving me some insights in regards to how the Portland branch feels about Asana. She said they were confused and needs further guidance of the website and she feels as though often times, she does not even know why we’re using Asana. I told her that I would be more than happy to set up a meeting with her in order to address some questions that the Portland branch might have about it. She agreed.

Sometime at about 4 PM that day, the Portland branch and I went into a meeting to discuss Asana. I walked them through the app and they agreed on how we should all approach to using Asana on a daily basis. After the meeting, I felt a sigh of relief on my chest because I am glad to have the meeting over with. During the meeting, however, I felt like a failure. I soon realized that I had beaten myself up way too much for not taking over this project more responsibly. But then I guess this was only my first time of leading a project. There is bound to be rough patches here and there.

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